Feb 172012

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All of our animals have a guarantee
that if they don’t do well for you in your
home, they are always welcome back to ours.

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Jan 252012

JOEY is a HAPPY, HAPPY male dog. He is neutered and has all vaccinations. He is probably about 30 pounds (stout) but he is short to the ground because of the Beagle influence. This would be a great dog for kids. He needs some basic training for manners, but is anything but shy! Consider him for your children!


Jan 252012

ARIEL is a VERY happy puppy that loves to play with people and other dogs….and cats!  She is probably a Chihuahua/Terrier mix…or possibly a little Miniature Pincher.  She has long legs but a very slender body and about 9 pounds right now.  She will probably stay under 20#s.  She will be a great indoor/outdoor dog…possibly even good for apartments as long as she has plenty of exercise.  One of her favorite past-times is playing with our black cat…and I mean they both are rolling and tumbling and playing!  You don’t need TV with entertainment like that.

She has had 1 vaccination and has been dewormed.


Jan 252012

GABRIEL is a male dog that has been neutered.  He is a character and is super friendly, happy, active…and not a yapper.  Yes, he does bark but not excessively.  He gets along great with our other dogs and cats.  This is a great family dog … great for an apartment or hourse.  He has had 1 vaccination and dewormed and is only about 6#.


Jan 242012

Boomerang is Button’s puppy (see Buttons in another listing) is 10 weeks old and is just as cute as Mom is.  This picture is a “Disney” picture…I could just picture Disney doing a cartoon of this puppy.  Don’t know what his daddy is because the puppy doesn’t have Mom’s wiry hair.  His hair is VERY soft and he is sweet and gentle.  He is a male with 1 vaccination, dewormed and neutered.


Dec 112011

PETCO at SE Military & IH37!!!

PETCO is having a professional photographer this weekend (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday) to take that perfect picture of your favorite pet.  These folks have the fast-shutter camera to catch that special moment that the rest of us are too slow to get.  Don’t miss this opportunity!

I will be there with some beautiful dogs and cats that all need a home.  Come see if I have your favorite pet.

PETCO supports pet adoptions!  If you adopt at any PETCO location or can prove your new pet is an adoption from any facility, you receive their special Coupon Book with many good deals…to include a large tub of Kitty Litter for FREE.  There are grooming discounts, training discounts, supplies and everything else you need.  

Any money donation at PETCO goes a long way with helping with local organizations as well as the National Grants.  Help us help the animals.  You can also donate food, supplies, etc. 

Dec 112011

HARRY is a very fun little dog and has been neutered.  He likes being outside; very active…a true delight.  He is a Terrier mix of some kind. We guess he is about 2 yrs old and weighs about 18#’s.  He did have heartworms and has been totally treated.  He would be a great addition to an appartment or a house.


Dec 112011

GRACIE is a sweet dog probably a little shy for active yound children.  She is a good companion for adults or teenagers.  She is spayed, with  2 vaccinations, dewormed and Rabies Vaccination.


Dec 042011

The concept of Pay It Forward is explained in this post.  I have been doing this for years but did not have a name or title for it.  I am very elated that someone has taken the concept and made it obvious to people that this is something that everyone should experience.  If everyone in the world practiced this concept the world would be a very different place…

Here is the link:  (it will open in a new tab or window)  http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=211680032240802&id=100000833016587

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!
Signed by a concerned citizen of the Earth,


J Butler

webmaster petcentralsanantonio.com

Dec 042011

This is a link that I hope you will follow and  watch.  It is a heart warming, wonderful story about some animals that were rescued and set free.  They are all living lives that they should have been living all along.  I did not cry when I watched this but I did tear up because the story is not about cruelty it is about animals finding love and being released from a lab where they were born and used in experiments.

Here is the link: (it will open in a new Tab or Window) http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=155064274594876&id=100000833016587

Nov 162011
Jasper - Black Male Dog

Jasper - Black Male Dog

JASPER is a really unique dog with a slightly punched in nose…a little… black features and size like a lab but he has a funny walk and Jack Benny stare.  He is fantastic and loves people and other animals.  He would be a great companion for almost anyone…any age.  He has been neutered, is house trained and up to date on vaccinations.


Adoption Donations are always appreciated.

Sep 252011

We always have Kittens, Cats, Puppies and Dogs for adoption so call us today (Contact Information Here) and find out what we have available at the Pet Central San Antonio Ranch.

Ask about our Cats and Kittens!  We do rescue animals, therefore, we have many cats and kittens available for adoption.  The adults are all neutered  or spayed and are ready to go with all vaccinations including rabies.  The kittens have at least 1 vaccination and will need a total of 4 vaccinations plus to be neutered or spayed depending on the particular kitten.  For the adult cats we would appreciate an Adoption Donation.  Kittens we are asking for an $25 Adoption Donation.

All of our animals have a guarantee that if they don’t do well for you in your home,

they are always welcome back to ours.

Ask about our Cats and Kittens!
Ask about our Cats and Kittens!